Shane McDonald paints en plein air at the Square of Marietta

About Shane McDonald Studios

Biographical Sketch of Shane McDonald

Classical drawing and painting technique paired with the embracing of current trends in contemporary art has enabled Shane McDonald to maintain respect as a fine artist and instructor. He has won numerous awards for his works at juried competitions. His paintings are in the permanent collection at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Kennesaw State University, and the Zuckerman Museum of Art.

About the Studio

Shane McDonald Studios was created in 1998 to provide a working space for Shane McDonald to work on his fine art, portraiture, murals and art instruction business. First located on Cherokee Street in Kennesaw, GA, the studio now resides in the Artisan Resource Center of fine and functional arts in Marietta, GA. In this location, Shane has teamed-up with ceramic sculptor and painter, Matthew Craven, to keep a traditional working artists studio.

What You'll Find

The studio is primarily a working space, but there are plenty of paintings and sculptures on display as well as in working progress.


You're welcome to visit anytime the studio is occupied which includes weekdays and often times Saturdays and Sundays. The nature of our business sometimes requires that we work outside the studio, so it is best to make an appointment if you'd like to avoid a disappointment.

Driving Directions


  1. From I-75 use exit 263 at South Marietta Parkway (Hwy 120 Loop South)
  2. Turn West toward Kennesaw State University's Marietta Campus.
  3. Make a left on Wylie Road less than a quarter-mile from I-75.
  4. Make a right into the 4th driveway on right where you'll see a small sign to the Artisan Resource Center.
  5. Drive along the alley behind the Marietta Commercial Plaza where you'll see the gray Artisan Resource Center. Though unmarked, this alley way is called Church Road SE on Google maps.
  6. Keep straight until you see the main entrance sign for the Artisan Resource Center on the building.
  7. Walk in, and the studio will be at the end of the hall by the bathrooms.


  1. At 585 Cobb Parkway S, turn into the south side driveway of the Easy Rental/Title/Pawn shop, about 1 mile south of the Big Chicken. This is about one block south of the Hwy 120 South Marietta Parkway Loop. (See #6 above for the remaining directions.)
  2. -OR- Turn into the north side driveway between the Marietta Bowling Lanes and the Easy Rental/Title/Pawn shop. Courtyard parking is on the right, and the door for studio K1 is in the inside corner on the right.
  3. -OR- Turn eastbound on South Marietta Parkway, then make a right on Wylie Road. (See #4 above for the remaining directions.)


  1. Take exit 261 at Delk Road/GA-280 from I-75 N and head west
  2. Continue on GA-280 S past Franklin Road and take the exit ramp to U.S. 41 S
  3. Turn right onto U.S. 41 heading north and drive 1.1 miles
  4. Turn right into the driveway just a few businesses past the McDonalds and just before the Marietta Bowling Lanes
  5. Studio K1 can be easily accessed from the courtyard parking area to the right and behind the Title/Pawn shop. The door is in the right inside corner.

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