Open Life Drawing/Figure Painting Group

Shane McDonald hosts an open figure drawing/painting session at studio K2. The meetings are relaxed and friendly. If you're interested in attending for the first time, please leave a message for Shane at: (770) 218-0676 or E-mail:

To manage over-crowding, attendees are required to sign-up.

These 3-hour sessions are an opportunity for community artists to practice drawing/painting the human figure, but there is no formal instruction.  It's a friendly group, so if you're a beginner, feel free to ask others for tips during the session. Join Shane McDonald's Figure Drawing/Painting Facebook Group for frequent updates on the schedule of models and to share your work.

Due to high COVID-19 transmission rates currently in Cobb County, the CDC recommends wearing masks indoors—even for the vaccinated. As of Sept. 1, 2021, Shane will wear a mask, and he asks that all attendees wear masks during the session. Thank you for your understanding. For more information, please checkout this link:

Upcoming Sessions

Feel free to pay in advance using the PayPal button.
female figure charcoal sketch of a female by Shane McDonald
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$12 - Please use the sign-up form above, even if you pay in advance through PayPal.

Reference Photography:

Cameras are allowed, but please respect the model's right not to be photographed. Artists should ask the model individually and discretely if they allow photographic references to be taken. Please do not assume that permission given to one artist is granted to all artists. Please always tip the model if you take photos. (Suggested tip: $4-5 for each pose.)

Things to bring:

The studio supplies easels for up to 8 people on a first-come first-served basis. Bring your own drawing board, drawing paper and tools. If you want to paint, please use odorless mineral spirits bought from an art store (hardware store brands are not really odorless). Many people bring wine and snacks to share, but this is not required. Music will be played — hopefully for your enjoyment.

Decisions for scheduling upcoming sessions are being made a couple of weeks at a time.

COVID-19 Hospital Bed Usage
The Cobb/Douglass hospital bed usage link above is for your convenience in deciding whether or not to schedule your next visit.