Online Class in Drawing

2020 Summer-Fall Schedule
(August-September, 2020)

charcoal drawings by Shane McDonald

Online Drawing Class

Use graphite pencil, charcoals, and pen and ink.
Other media also encouraged

During these unusual times of recommended social distancing, Shane McDonald offers online drawing classes through Google Classroom and synchronously through Google Meet.

Ages 13 - Adult (limited to 16 students)

Synchronous meetings Monday Evenings

7:15 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
August 17 - September 28, 2020 (Skip Labor Day, September 7)

$75 (6-sessions — $12.50 each session)

1 session = a scheduled synchronous one-hour class meeting
and a separate review of artworks or returned assignment(s)
and weekly content added to Google Classroom

Google Meetings
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If you have an opportunity to study with Shane McDonald, I would highly recommend him as an art teacher. Shane is very talented and understands how to lead a student or a class. I had the pleasure of learning from Shane over several years. Based on my experience, I believe other artists, whether experienced or not, can learn a lot from Shane. He is a master of his craft be it portraiture or landscapes, and you can become a better artist with his help and art instruction. Sign up, you will thank yourself later for investing in yourself.
Shane prepared my son for more challenging things in high school. I believe that young people who are serious about developing their artistic talents would benefit from receiving instruction from Shane.
Shane is one the most knowledgeable fine art teachers I have ever known! His ability to share his knowledge in a formative way helped me to hone in on each aspect of a specific skill allowing me to complete one segment of learning at a time. Whether it be drawing or painting he allowed plenty of time to exercise my newly found artistic expression thus allowing the freedom be able to take the knowledge home and practice.

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